3 Physical Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks and Stress Overload to Watch Out For

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You’ve heard me say it a couple times on this site already, but in case you missed it… anxiety, panic, and stress are all very closely related and usually end up putting you in a circle of disrepair.

However there are warning signs that you can spot that come early enough… and these signs are completely physical.

1. Higher Levels of Perspiration

What you need to do is think back to when you’ve experience this before. Most people have specific spots where they sweat and you need to look there first.

These areas indicate an oncoming anxiety or panic attack. And if you notice these areas beginning to perspire then you can prepare properly.

Check this out… stress actually causes the brain to release hormones that send signals to different areas in your body to sweat more. So when you sense that… you need to know how to control this. While breathing can help… it will still fail a lot of the time.

2. Tremors and Body Shaking

Trembling is a very common physical signal from your body that stress or anxiety is growing. Like with sweating, think back and figure out what part of your body begin to shudder the most.

Now you know how to pick on that early. But again while breathing can help to calm you a bit… the real issues is in your brain and that’s why you need to learn more sophisticated ways to control that anxiety from spinning out of control.

3. Pounding Heart

Your racing heart usually indicates the next step in the process of anxiety buildup, but it is a very clear sign that things are not going well.

Of course you can relate to that heart going crazy. You know the times when it is pounding so hard that you can literally hear it or when it feels like it’s going to pop right from your chest.

It’s now that you need to really pay attention to the situation and do your best to control your reaction. This is where you really do need the help of programs the such to help you learn the techniques that work.

These are just three early indicators of stress, anxiety and panic. But they are very important because if you learn how to control these then you can avoid the real anxiety attack or panic attack.

Stephanie Morris like you used to suffere with embarrassing panic and anxiety.. However she learned the steps to properly treat her anxiety attacks and panic attacks and now she has complete control. The system she learned from is easy and teaches just one technique that can help you control the progression of stress. You can always learn more about controlling anxiety here.

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