Anxiety Disorder Generalized Is Most Common

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There are different kinds of anxiety disorder.  Generalized is the most common.  This kind of anxiety manifests as extreme anxiety, worry and tension.  The sufferer feels this level of anxiety, worry and tension all the time.  It is believed more women suffer from the generalized condition than men.  For a medical professional to diagnose this disorder the person must experience this level of anxiety for half a day over a period of six months or more.   This disorder is so severe it prevents the person from living a normal life.  The person is fully aware there is absolutely no reason for this feeling of intense anxiety and fear but he or she can’t control it.  Finally the sufferer will appear to lose interest in normal life.

It is important to note certain statistics when dealing with anxiety disorder.  Generalized almost certainly means around ninety percent of sufferers have abused alcohol or drugs.  They are also likely to have a background of social anxiety or depression.  It is not known conclusively if the disorder could stem from substance abuse.  However, it is known the disorder can start at a young age.  There is a belief that the condition is highly likely to be genetic.  There are a number of very uncomfortable symptoms sufferers have to deal with.  These symptoms are – muscle tension, flushes, frequent urination, sweating, dizziness, trembling, nausea, headaches and dry mouth.
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