Panic Disorders – What Is It?

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Panic disorders affect millions of people worldwide. It is a serious medical condition that trouble one out of every 75 persons during a stressful transition in their lives such as being a parent for the first time or getting married. It is of paramount importance that everyone knows all the pertinent information about this matter even if you do not have it. Being aware of the situation of people who are troubled will allow you to understand them better. Below are few key points that you ought to know regarding this condition.

Reasons for it – Medical experts give many reasons and thy say that this might be because of some hereditary disorder that has a family history. It might be even because of some sudden stress caused due to the demise or a separation of a loved person in your family. The other reasons might be physical and this is caused by some triggers in food, medicine and beverages.

A Person with a Panic Attack -This attack experiences immense fear that almost paralyses them. They shiver or sweat a slot and also have chest pains. This happens without prior notice,

When having a panic attack the patient trembles because of the fear and this has no connection with the actual attack which will last just for few minutes. Our body is designed in away to fight against it. But the possibility of this attack to reoccur is very high within few hours.

Ways to identify an attack — The person might have some indicators before an attack. But only a clinical person can diagnosis it and for it sometimes you need to go to different doctors before you come in to conclusion. This can avoid unnecessary misconceptions. Visit a doctor immediately if you have had repeated attacks and if you fear of getting another one soon.

Fate of Untreated Patients – If this disorder is not treated properly this might lead to other complication like phobia or agoraphobia. This is situation where a person all the time would like to stay inside and deter from all public activity like going to their jobs and socializing with others. This will make them financially dependent and result in unwanted stress will might give rise to suicidal thoughts thus affecting the person both mentally and physically,

Treating panic Attacks-There are various treatments available in both formal and in informal medicine Other methods include cognitive and behavioral therapy which deals with the underlying cause of this disorder. Relaxing methods are also there which can be followed and for it you need to sit with a therapist and find about it.

* Normal Life for Panic disorder patients – It is definitely possible with all the today’s available treatments. There are so many options available for you to choose and you can get treated fully from that and can lead a normal life, but always know the triggers and get treated to alleviate the effect of these factors.

Panic Disorder should in no way come in the path of living a normal life. If you are fortunate enough by not getting affected understand the patient who suffers better and always render a helping hand for them.

Article by Beth Kaminski who is an expert in anxiety disorder. For more information on stop anxiety now, visit her site today.

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